Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Best film review ever

Went to see Never Let Me Go FINALLY at the weekend and really liked it, and it even made me want to cry but, being in public I was pretty limited. Though I still can't really abide Keira Knightley in films. She seems to pull these odd expressions and seems to pretty much look like this all the time:

I personally find this expression a bit off putting. But it can't be that bad as she's rather famous, you know.

Anyway, the best thing about the whole experience was the review of the film by the guy sitting behind us, who I didn't actually see but who sounded like he was an lder gentleman. After his wife stated that she 'din't like it' he agreed that 'it was weird that was; sick'. Makes you wonder why he went to see if he thought the whole concept was weird or sick, but it gave us a giggle after the film anyway!


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