Saturday, 4 June 2011

Me versus exercise

Ok, so firstly I have a question: is Davina McCall a simpleton? Or maybe she thinks that people who need to get fit and/or lose weight are simpletons? Because that's how her  introduction to Davina Fit sounds. Admittedly that did get me and Davina Fit off on the wrong foot.

Then I realised that if Davina McCall was a simpleton then I DEFINITELY was because I failed monumentally to follow even the warm up. I had to rewind and replay the first minute or so three times before I managed to follow it, and wasn't just jigging up and down aimlessly waving my hands limply in the air.

So I gave up. It was time for the big guns: to face my nemesis Just Dance

Just Dance probably isn't the best exercise you could get because, despite it being a lot of fun dancing like a prat to Katy Perry and gaining points when you get it right, it's rather undisciplined. Which means that Pump Up the Jam broke [sprained] my knee last time I played it. Which means it is my nemesis.

Anyway I was determined to continue my new atttiude to weight loss by, as community members kindly suggested to me today when was asking what made them 'lose weight for the last time', Doing Some Exercise. So I tried Just Dance again.

And then I remembered.

I got flashbacks of probably why I sprained my knee in the first place - jumping up and down with RAGE shouting "I bl**dy well did THAT one RIGHT" while, despite following the actions of the on screen guide PERFECTLY, it gave me a load of crosses. Then by standing still in blind amazement at how inaccurate the sensor was I gained a several 'Greats'. "Oh NOW I did it - you stupid machine".

Well, in the end I did my 10 songs at about 30 mins - yay! And there is a key advantage to choosing Just Dance today; to get it to play one song after another you have to select Multiplayer mode. As I was playing on my own......I won!


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