Sunday, 5 June 2011

Me versus Letting Agents

The most tiresome thing about trying to find a house to rent in South Manchester hasn’t been necessarily the lack of my dream house within our budget in the precise location we want (although that has been an issue) but the trial of having to deal with letting agents. Allow me to detail my suspicions, which form the basis of my assertion that they should have crayons shoved up their noses until they are better:

1)      They lie about where a house is. ‘Heaton Moor Only’ as a search criterion does not refer to the centre of Stockport. Or Wales.

2)      They lie about why something is happened at a slower pace than it could (noticing a theme?). Am I to believe that letting agents, who make money out of renting out properties, REALLY couldn’t get hold of the keys to a property they were advertising for 2 AND A HALF WEEKS? Well they had better not rent it out quickly; they might start making money from it.

3)      They lie about why a house in unavailable. If a property is being taken off the rental market because it ‘needs work due to a damp problem’, why is it advertised as ‘LET’ two days later? Hmmmm? Was it rented out to frogs in need of a 3 bed semi?

4)      They lie about how a house is being rented. Ringing up a landlord (via an agent) and being asked in a surprised tone ‘Ooh you wanted to rent the whole house?’ generally elicits a ‘Yes’ if it was advertised as a whole house. ‘Oh no Mr Landlord, not the whole house, we just wanted some space in the loft for our old Barbie Dolls and Games Workshops figures’.

Although there is hope; the letting agent we ended up getting a house with (hurray!) seemed to spin us only minor [suspected] lies so this debacle ended happily ever after, after all (touch wood!).

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