Sunday, 19 June 2011

Surprise! Or 'Why iPhones do not make good music players'

This weekend was my first time as a major conspirator in a Surprise Party Plot. And I loved it! Mwaahahaha. The very first time I have seen the birthday girl in question speechless and all the drama and secretness and fibbing! It was great! And a great success too. Organised by the birthday girl’s fiancĂ© with military precision to the point where we were told ‘Ok, I’ve just had a text about where she is. You can have 3-4 minutes of fun and then the toilet’s on lockdown’. 

And I even managed to behave myself mostly. I was accused of looking at Glee with scorn this morning despite my hosts being big fans; to be fair I did say it made me want to vomit. And I was accused of music snobbery every time I complained about the Crash Test Dummies turning up on shuffle. But, otherwise, I didn’t make an actual boozed-up tit of myself! I DRANK IN MODERATION...... I know, I’m scared too. But I did it. Which unfortunately meant I was compos mentis every time the Crash Test Dummies came on shuffle. Did I mention there was a lot of Crash Test Dummies? Like every other sane human, I’ve only ever heard the classic (or 15th most annoying song ever) 'Mmm mmm mmm mmm' (I love a song title where you have to count the consonants to check that you've spelt it right). But our host only had his iPhone to hand for background music, which I have now realised is the shortest route to madness. 

As far as I can tell you can’t fit the whole of your music collection on an iPhone, like you can on an iPod, so you have a very limited selection. For example, on my [non]i-Phone I think I have two songs (they are cool though – Muse: Hysteria and Belle & Sebastian: Step into my office,baby). My ipod, on the other hand, has everything I own on it. In shuffle mode my ipod (who I like to think is a sentient being choosing the songs based on mood and preference) has pretty good taste usually; it has a penchant for indiepop and early Pulp. The poor shuffle that served as our party’s DJ didn’t stand a chance having, as it did, to choose from 5 Crash Test Dummy albums (yes, count them, there are 5), 3 Girls Aloud releases, a Lightening Seeds Best of, a Crowded House offering and the soundtrack to Disney’s Tarzan. I found the frequency of Crash Test Dummies quite hilarious but this brands me a music snob apparently (ok so maybe I passed judgment on *one or two* other songs)! So in conclusion, if you MUST have an iPhone, put a range of music on it if you must use it as your music source. A Crash Test Dummies marathon does not a party playlist make.

A great party and indeed weekend though! One or two pirates and it would have been perfect!


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