Saturday, 9 July 2011

Mini film rant

Is there a film with a more annoying plot hole than The Day After Tomorrow? I think I went to see it at the cinema with my dad, who has a love of films with spaceships and special effects, and TDAT delivers on the latter and remember being appalled by how bad it was. But when it came on Film 4 I ended up watching it while packing for my imminent relocation (again; forever packing!). Watching it it didn’t seem so bad. It had Ian Holme in it, and Jake Gyllanhaal. It had cool special effects. It was all disastery. But then I remembered, in the climactic moments in the final third of the film, the crucial and extremely annoying plot hole. 

Apparently, if the weather went all mental and there was a freak storm, the eye of which reduced temperatures to ‘freeze-you-death-on-the-spot’ levels, you can avoid freezing to death by being inside with the fire on. Don’t worry if the ice appears to be freezing the very walls around you. Don’t worry if it is cold enough to freeze fuel mid-flight. All you need to do is get under a blanket, with the fire on, and shut the door.



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