Monday, 22 August 2011


No blog posts for ages due to making the transition to Cohabiting. Admittedly the bf has called it ‘housesharing’ on several occasions, conjuring up images of us having our own shelves in the fridge and writing passive aggressive notes to each other about cheese. However we are actually sharing the contents of the fridge, and the passive aggressive notes will mainly concern boxes which have not been unpacked yet, so I think we can safely call it ‘co-habiting'.

I’ve learnt a lot about myself in the last couple of months. Turns out, I’m a pain in the ass. I enter an untidy room, look around myself with an anxious look on my face and usually flounce out. I say the words ‘Can we [insert rubbish chore here]?’ more times a day than I thought possible. And I can’t share. My biggest commitment to the bf is that I allowed myself to be convinced to mix up our DVDs and books. ‘But what if we split up….?’ was apparently not a good enough argument on the basis of it being really quite negative and pessimistic. We have even given our duplicate DVDs away. This still occasionally bothers me in the wee hours, but I am coming to terms with it mainly because I don’t fancy living in a fort made out of duplicate media. Actually that does sound pretty cool – curses!
I think we’ve yet to see how the cleaning will work out, because we haven’t really done any. The only place that really shows the dirt is one rug in the dining room. As far as we’re concerned, if that is free from dust and dirt everything else must be, right? But alas there is no hiding from myself that the spare room looks like a Tracey Emin installation. 

We’ll get there though....won’t we?


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