Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Norn Iron (1): Things we DID DO

Ahh Belfast! Our only real holiday this year; a week away and half of it taken up by in Interpersonal Communication conference for me. The conference predictably made me cry as I spent two days watching talks of varying clarity and interest, and spent lots of time in between trying to look really busy on my phone, despite having no data reception whatsoever, and no wireless. Joy. To really add to the conference mood was the fact that the data I was due to present had made up the paper I found out had been rejected on the first day. Needless to say I was looking forward to the 'holiday' bit of Belfast!

Turned out the weather and in some cases our lack of planning meant we couldn't do many of the things we wanted to, but here is a story through pictures of what we DID achieve while in Northern Ireland:

Totally broke the toilet:

Went to the zoo................

I know, looks like the most boring zoo picture ever - no lion, no monkeys, not even a tiger. However if you look to the bottom left hand corner you will see a umbrella which had broken, hurling itself into the prairie dog enclosure in the process. I was in a foul mood because the zoo was hilly, wet and humid but that did actually make me laugh quite a lot (though not loudly enough to alert a zoo-person).

Some proper zoo animals now:

A clinically depressed zebra...

The Birthday Boy...head lion Qay

A lion tailed macaque trying his luck...

(he didn't get very far, but he did narrowly avoid getting a nasty bite on the ear)

I did manage to acquire a whisky AND a pint of Guiness...... (after I had talked a woman in the toilets into going through with her blind date!)

We also managed to go on a tour in Country Antrim in galeforce winds caused by Hurricane Katia (heavily implicated in Norn Iron 2: What we COULDN'T DO!):

The hotels we stayed in were both ok, though one had a weirdly chavvy bar on the ground floor which played dance music until the early hours every night (hurray for obsessive packing of earplugs) and we ate in some lovely places. I turned into an alcoholic while I was there, consuming half a bottle of wine with every meal and drinking stout AND whisky (neither of which I like) and my digestive system is shot after being on Slimming World for 5 weeks and then devouring everything in my path while on holiday. Back on the wagon tomorrow........oh for the days of endless wine and tray-bakes! So a good time had, despite some disappointments.......


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