Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Norn Iron (2): What we COULDN'T do

We like to add some misery/disappointment/destruction of some property to most of our holidays (a notable example being our holiday to the mid-west of America where we got lost in a canoe on a flooded river, I gained 2nd degree burns on my shoulders and we wrecked the bf's dad's car) and this one was no different!

The weather was pretty crap the whole time we were in Northern Ireland, but we decided to go on a coastal tour with lots of dangerously placed monuments on the day when a hurricane was to pass over. I guess we must have thought that the amber warning of galeforce winds wasn't justified or that 'it'd probably be right' but we were wrong. Out of the 4 things we were supposed to do on our tour, we managed 2 quick photostops and none of the main attractions. Here is what we could have won:

Exploring the Giant's Causeway:

We were told that there had been high winds and also high waves which made it too dangerous, so we were given enough time at the site to visit the gift shop (where we bought some quite pleasing tat) and then off we went.

Also denied, walking the rope bridge at Carrick-a-Rede:

Now, it makes sense that an already-dangerous-looking rickety and frankly terrifying bridge be closed in a hurricane. Fine. But in the end we couldn't even get near it to see th pretty scenery because the whole site was closed due to an accident (no one seriously injured so ok to be miffed that the accident caused the site to be closed). That wasn't the most disappointing thing. The most disappointing thing was that the parking at the site was currently being taken over by the GAME OF THRONES PRODUCTION TEAM. When we heard this, me and the bf (being total geeks) were more excited about that than about any other aspect of the tour. We were, however, to be thwarted in our attempts to win walk-on parts in season two of Game of Thrones. I was bitter about the whole thing, especially as I had TWEETED about it and EVERYTHING. But it was not to be; it was actually the seizing of the catering tent of said production by the hurricane which caused the accident.

If you have never watched Game of Thrones, do. I was sceptical but it is the best TV I've watched for ages (excepting Dr Who, obviously), and Sean Beans dulcet Northern tones give the whole thing an earthiness which is comforting to watch.

Anyway, I'm back from rainy Belfast to even-rainier Manchester and basically just looking forward to the weekend and a night in my own bed.

Holidays are nice but there's no place like home.


  1. I LOVE Game of Thrones. Jon Snow... dreamy! Best thing I've watched for ages. Did you see This Is Jinsy on tc this week? so odd

  2. I have heard of this mystery programme but not seen it, which is most distressing to me given my David Tennant obsession. Which channel is it on? x


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