Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bf's birthday

I could have tried to match a stay in a log cabin on a vinyard (my birthday surprise from the bf) but I don't have quite as much money, imagination or driving skills (though I am working on that!). So I thought I would plan the birthday outing of a 11 year old for him instead! I kept feeling like I should have been apologising for lunch at a veggie cafe (the bf is a vegetable-I mean vegetarian) followed by faffing on arcade games/air hockey and bowling!

I almost totally f**ked it by pre-booking and pre-paying for the wrong bloody day (the day before!) but luckily Otis (the helpful bowling guy) helped me out so i didn't have to pay again. We're all shit at bowling but did have good time and I didn't poison (m)any people with my chocolate covered cake! Hope the bf had fun and continues to enjoy the day when we go for dinner to the glamorous location of ......... the Italian round the corner. I am a classy bird! X


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