Thursday, 27 October 2011

Coat Quest

Talk about #FirstWorldProblems - I cannot find a plus size faux fur leopard print coat that is any good from any of my usual suppliers.

Simply Be's offering

So, the only reasonable offering from Simply Be was made out of an odd, lightweight, almost-furry-sweatshirt material and did not feel very nice. It looks OK on the model, but it looked odd on me, and would be a pretty useless winter coat.

From Evans (and even in the sale now!)
The Evans one was lovely material, fully lined and felt great, with a much better style than the Simply Be one, but I thought it made me look like a furry Michelin man. Now, I could have put up with that, but it's fastened up using really tricky hook-and-eyes. They are really difficult to hook in because of the texture of the coat so you couldn't do that 'ooh it's colder than it looked, better wrap up warm and do this coat up' thing. But I LOOOOVE it. So I keep almost trying it on again and then remembering why I didn't like it the first two times I tried it on.

ASOS Curve, and New Look Inspire (or the 'Fat Corner' as I like to call it) don't even HAVE a faux fur leopard print coat. Maybe not everyone thinks they are an essential. I have to say that a friend at work uttered an astonished and almost slightly disgusted 'Why?!' when I revealed my current coat quest.

Looks like I'll just have to wear last winter's brown miltary coat which is perfectly lovely, fits well and is very warm. Whatever.


  1. How about Dorothy Perkins, upto a 22 they have a really nice one (only seen it online though) £75 Im debating on one too, not sure if it will make me look twice as big though!

  2. I didn't think about Dotty P actually, though they don't *quite* go up to my size. Problem with faux fur is that it is not the most flattering!


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