Sunday, 30 October 2011

Didsbury Beer Festival

Despite having the worst website a beer festival has ever had, our first experience of the Didsbury Beer Festival was a great success! And when your first beer is made by a brewery called Beartown and is called Bear Ass, you're basically on to a winner. We were slightly horrified when we arrived to see that it was in an outside marquee, on a fairly chilly Manchester day, but you could also go into the social club it was attached to. We found ourselves a seat in the warm, which is a rare and great thing for a beer festival, and promptly settled ourselves down for a 7 hour drinking session!

Usually I go for the ciders, but I'm a recent real ale convert (though I still prefer a crisp white wine as my drink of choice generally) so I drank beer all day. A good job too as the ciders tended to settle around the 7% mark - not wise for a 7hr stint! My favourite was one from Hornbeam brewery called White Swan, which was quite the girliest beer at the festival (hint of lavender, even).

After our session at the festival we decided to...... drink more! A few glasses of white and an Italian meal later and we were back at our house, listening to Queen on vinyl - oh yes (got to love a bit of Queen) - with a bit more pinot grigio. Hmm.

Unfortunately all of that fun has left me feeling pretty sick and sorry for myself today. So much so that I missed the Science Jamboree that I had booked to go to :( There was no way I would have survived the bus ride into town, even, without vomiting on myself so my first visit to Madlab will have to wait.

And now.......sleep.


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