Saturday, 15 October 2011

Women in Music

I'm sending myself a bit doolally at the moment (and certainly sending the bf that way!) by playing the same album over and over again; First Love by Emmy the Great. And it struck how spoilt we are at the moment for women making amazing music. Or maybe it's my attitude towards women in music. When I was younger, it seemed all women were doing was power ballads and I don't think they were; I think I just got into this rut where all I would listen to is groups of skinny boys trying to be clever. I wasn't clued up enough to notice the really great female artists/bands out there and didn't really have the time for them.

Now I'm much more open minded and my tastes have matured since I was a teenager (thank goodness this happens to us all; King Adora anyone?) so here are some amazing women to look for in music at the moment...

Emmy the Great

I was listening to Emma-Lee Moss's second album on Spotify and decided I wanted to buy something but decided to go for the first album which is just fantastic. I still have teenage-music-habits and spent about 3 hours listening to Absentee (the first track) on repeat. She has a lovely voice and the songs sound great but you really have to listen to the lyrics to fully appreciate her.

Peggy Sue 

They released their second album recently, Acrobats, though I have to admit that I am still in love with their first, Fossils and Other Fantoms; it's bluesy and raw and Katy & Rosa's voices sound amazing and work so well together. I've seen them supporting some of the artists below, and headlining at the Deaf Institute in Manchester a month or so ago. If you get the chance to go jump at it - they are GREAT.

Slow Club

Only half female this band, but I can't get their new album, Paradise, off my iPod. Charles and Rebecca can make a hell of a lot of noise for a two piece (though they were joined by some helpers on the tour just gone) and their songs are infectious. All pulsing drums and some amazing vocals. We last went to see them at the Ruby Lounge in Manc and they were STUNNING! I think some reviewers thought that their first album, Yeah So, was a bit too raw and didn't manage to capture the magic of on-stage but I loved it.

Laura Marling

Now I am not a folky type of gal. I like my guitars; the janglier the better. But there is something special about Laura Marling. She's on her third album now and I've liked them all but it's the first which I still have a special place for, Alas I Cannot Swim. There is nothing better to drift away on, on a lazy Sunday evening. When you to see her live, everyone is silent - it's quite sublime.

Kate Nash
It's been a while since Kate Nash has released an album as she's been a busy bee with side projects like The Receeders, being a major part of the effort to clean up London after the riots and her project to encourage budding female songwriters, her Rock and Roll After-School Music club for girls. It's so easy to assume that women are out to get each other and are competitive but Kate's attitude is to encourage women to have faith in their musical talent in an industry where only 14% of the artists who receive royalties from the Performing Rights Society are women. She's an inspiration. And, although I think a lot of people write Kate off after being a 'MySpace success story' and beign so 'of the moment' when her first album came out, I think she's got staying power because she believes so much in what she does. Her second album is great and the song Mansion, although not everyone's cup of tea, is fantastic. 

So that's some of the music I'm shouting from the rooftops about at the moment. Have you go any recommendations of fantstic music? I'm always wanting to find more!


  1. Thanks for the great recommendations! I once went to a concert of Kate Nash. Other female singers I love include Regina Spektor, Ingrid Michaelson, As in Rebekka Maria



  2. No worries! I've got some Regina Spektor but not come across the other two - shall have to do some investigating!


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