Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Crafty projects!

I like the idea of being creative and crafty, but so far I've never really committed to doing anything except maybe making Christmas cards. And it was hard to find the time as me and the bf used to be separated by 90 miles meaning that weekends were always fairly busy. So, now we're 'housemates' I have a bit more 'me' time. I am determined to finish these off eventually, but unless I win the lottery and am able to give up work, it may be a while. Not least because I am doing something every weekend (either visiting or being visited) between now and the 16th Dec! So here's what I've got to work on:

I learnt to knit when I was little, as my mum is very crafty, but knitted a scarf for a teddy (Narney Bear to be exact) and then never really picked it up again. There's been a lot of publicity at the moment about knitting; it's ever so trendy, which did put me off! But there's a knitting group nearby which I wanted to join in a bid to meet new people, having moved Oop North a couple of months ago. So I thought if I am going to join a knitting group, I had better re-learn how to knit! The bf is astounded that you don't knit for an hour and magically have a scarf, but I think I'm doing ok. At this rate I might even have finished it in time to keep my neck warm in, er, spring!

I found these amazing beads from TofuKitty on Etsy and just HAD to buy them. Then came the question 'well what am I going to do with them?'. So I decided to take up jewellery making. I actually got my stuff out today and had a go and was extremely cross that it wasn't the piece of piss I thought it would be, but I think I just need more practice. And some pliers which are the right shape. I smell a trip to Hobbycraft - woo!! (Lordy I am so sad!)

Shelf thingy!

I thought at first that this was a thimble shelf, but the fact that the sizes aren't uniform suggests that it's set of shelves for some sort of little figures? Anyway, I've seen something like this turned into earring storage which I thought was a great idea. This one I won't get around to for a bit as I want to make it pretty with paint and paper so I need to source that before I can do anything, but I am looking forward to being able to organise my massive earring collection. Though to house it all I would actually need about 4! This was £2.50 from Oxfam - bargain!

Gorgeous fabric
I just absolutely fell in love with this fabric from Emicraftinjapan on Etsy and had to get it. I recently purchased a cheap (but well reviewed) sewing machine and love that feeling of when you're sewing something and seeing it come together, even though I've only ever made one or two things (and very badly!). Unfortunately I didn't get that feeling for long with my sewing machine as it's got something wrong with it, or I've messed up when threading something. I looked, re-threaded, checked the manual and still it messes up. I think I need to get someone who knows what they are doing to look at it; I don't know enough about them or have enough experience to even know whether I'm threading it as correctly as I think I am. When I manage to get it working again this material is going to be turned into a tote bag I think. Can't wait!

So I'll be keeping myself busy for a while trying to do bits on everything really. Wish me luck!

If anyone's got any advice on any of these crafts I'd love to hear them!! Are you making anything at the moment?


  1. i blinking love that fabric !! :) i have such a stash of crafty things which need making into something, i just never seem to find the time!

  2. Hiya, just discovered your blog! I went on a knitting course a few weeks ago and am half way through a winter scarf. I want a sewing machine for xmas, which one did you get? x

  3. Yup that fabric is irresistible! I'm getting a bit tired of my winter scarf as I decided to follow the advice of the Knitting Shop Lady on the thickness of wool to use, and not my mum (and the advice of every knitter I've spoken to since!). The sewing machine I got was a now discontinued version of an Argos value one, as it got great reviews, but I have had trouble with it. Best to buy as pricey as you can; I've read that buying an old Singer, say, and getting it reconditioned is the best way to go. x


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