Thursday, 24 November 2011

Manchester Blogger Meet & Girl Geek Tea Party [insert excited noise here]

Despite being a bit scared about meeting so many new, cool people at once, I am really excited to be going to the Manchester Bloggers Meet this very Sunday!

Yep that Santa hat is all my own work
 I had been keeping an eye out for a Manc bloggers meet as when people have blogged about blogger meet ups they always seem so much fun and it was a bit of a surprise that I couldn't easily find a coherent blogging 'presence' in Manchester. And then along came Sarah from Sequin This with the fab idea of doing a meet up! I was umm-ing and aaah-ing about going, as I don't really feel like a 'proper' blogger. I don't really feel like I've found my blogging identity. I'm not really a 'fashion', 'beauty', 'craft', 'arty' or any other type of blogger. I just post about random stuff at the moment. It's reassuring that reading other people's blogs it seems to be quite common to spend a while just posting a little randomly before you hit on something you're really interested in blogging about, and even then most blogs don't seem to rigidly stick to one 'topic'. So I decided to bite the bullet and commit myself and I have to say I am really excited! There are a couple of people going who I've been talking to on Twitter so it will be great to put a face to the '@'! Apparently there will be a petit prize for the best dressed so now I'm in a flap about what to wear, but I have an outfit that I always pull out when I need to put some effort in, so I think I'll be ok. Or I could just buy a Santa suit..... The only downside is that I can't make the meet up until dinner as I am attending.......

The Manchester Girl Geeks Tea Party Show and Tell at Madlab. Since moving to Manc a few months ago and only really knowing my sister here, I've had my eye out for things I can do to meet new people and avoid being one of those people who stays in with their other half all the time. I'm not sure I'm geeky enough for the Girl Geeks as a lot of science/techy people just scoff at Psychology with 'That's not a proper science', which has maybe put me off getting involved so far. But I'm going to go in there with my talk and my head held high and hopefully the fact that Psychology is inherently fascinating (no, not biased at all there!) will win everyone over! Now I've just got to find time to bake something to take with me. I've got a friend visiting at the weekend, so unless he fancies baking I may have to buy some instead (booo).

I've been really bad with blogging recently due to the released of the latest Wii game in the Legend of Zelda series; Skyward Sword.

So far I am finding having to actually fight properly, and not just mash the hell out of the B button, quite difficult and tiring. I am such a lazy gamer.

I'm going to make a concerted effort to keep on top of the blogging a bit more, including posting the fab shoes I got at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair on Sunday.



  1. Sounds like you have a busy but fun day ahead of you on Sunday! I felt the same about the Manchester bloggers meet, it took me a while to decide to go but i'm really excited now (and a bit terrified if i'm being honest haha) Look forward to meeting you on Sunday :)

  2. You too!

    I KNOW everyone will be lovely - I just don't trust me not to embarrass myself!

  3. I think I can definitely take the title of Most Nervous! I just hope everyone has a great day, which I'm sure we will. Excited to meet everyone, will see you at Croma at 6 Jen :) xx


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