Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mcr Girl Geeks Show & Tell

So I decided to spend my whole Sunday talking to strangers and meeting new people. The evening was spent meeting the lovelies attending the Manchester Bloggers Meet (which I have already posted about here) but the afternoon was spent at the Manchester Girl Geeks show and tell.

Unsurprisingly enough, I was a bit nervous about this too! Walking into a room full of strangers and talking about Psychology knowing full well that many people are of the opinion that Psychology isn't a science - not the most relaxing! I was pretty pleased with how my talk went actually - I had put a lot of prep into it - everyone seemed really interested in it  and asked loads of questions! Yay! Here are some pics:

So, this room of strangers, right? I have to talk to them? On a Sunday? (photo via @mcrgirlgeeks)

Woo cheesy Pacman bites! (photo from @mcrgirlgeeks)

It's me being all, psychology-y, like. (photo via @mcrgirlgeeks)

Lookit! It's my [really poorly iced] Periodic Table Fairy Cakes! Yes, they are the correct locations. And yes, I am a total geek (hence attendance at the Girl Geeks Tea Party in the first place).

I met the Manchester girl geeks who were lovely, and will hopefully be getting involved in some events in the new year. There are some great things planned and, as was pointed out in the team meeting afterwards, it's great to be able to go from nuclear waste disposal to period costume via Hama beads and it all be in a day's work!


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