Thursday, 8 December 2011

Coat Quest continues

So I'm sure everyone was absolutely rivetted by my post about finding the perfect leopard print faux fur coat. I had come to terms with it though; it's ok, I don't need another coat, and none of the ones I was looking at would be nearly as warm and practical and fit as nicely as my current coat.

Then Sarah T posted on Sequin This to say that for those lucky few who were going to the Manchester Blogger's Meet, I Love 2 Love were going to be offering the chance to win a coat from their site, and all we had to do was blog about our favourite offering from "Pah" I thought, "I don't need a coat" (and also "I never bloody win giveaways anyway"). Then I saw it. One of the coats on Sarah's post was a FAUX FUR LEOPARD PRINT COAT:

Just LOOK AT IT! Oh it's so pretty! It looks snuggly and warm, is a very classy leopard print (yes, there is such a thing), looks to have pockets, is properly lined (one of my reject coats was NOT - what's the point?). And loooook, looook at the shawl collar:

And it's a steal at only £64.99. There had to be a catch.

And oh yes, there was. It only goes up to a size 16.....

But it's ok, I've come up with a few options just in case I win:

1. Lose enough weight to fit into it. (Nope - BORING! This will take until it's not cold enough to be able to wear it).

2. Photoshop my head onto a picture of someone else wearing it and post around to Facebook/Twitter/Flickr etc.

3. Some of sort home spun liposuction.

4. Fold it up nicely and put in my 'To Slim In To' box until next winter. (This is probably the most likely option).

Please, someone out there buy this so that I know it is loved and worn, even if I can't......


  1. In loooooove with this coat! Bit of a leopard print addict here haha. Shame it doesn't go up to your size, but it would definitely be a great motivator to lose a bit of weight! xx


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