Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hell is other people (or 'Sales Shopping')

...which is why I got up at 7AM on the 28th December to go sales shopping. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe the bf is a bad influence, maybe people are more annoying than they used to be, but I can't stand city centre shopping. The shopping bit - yay! The people bit? - Boooo. Now that I live in Manchester, I am faced with a dilemma; the shopping is better than in Stoke-on-Trent (not difficult) but there are infinitely more people. So I thought 'What kind of moron would get up at 7am on a day which a lot of people(including them) are not at work?' Answer: THIS kind of moron!

And my cunning plan worked! It was pretty much dead until about 11am. Unfortunately by then I was tired, foot sore, and had several broken bags full of stuff.  I spent really quite a lot of money, though some on boring things like new jeans to replace broken one/ones which are too big. Here are some highlights!

Cath Kidston kids bag (I don't really buy much from there, but this Xmas seems to be very Kidston-centric). It's a kid's bag so the strap's not very long, but I loved it and it was half price at only £14!

I bought a massive half price Lush set in last year's sales which I've only used half of the stuff from, so I was determined to be restrained and not end up adding to my pile of unused massage bars! Half price at £5.47

River Island was the 7th Level of Hell by the time I got there, and looked like it had been burgled. But this caught my eye placed where it shouldn't be, and after I had fought past the women spending AGES mulling over the decision to buy a 3 quid pair of gloves I found that it was half price at £17. Yay! The picture is appalling so you can't tell but it's a lovely teal colour.

Obligatory and completely unecessary scarf purchase; £1 and £2 from Primark.

Making jewellery has spoilt jewellery shopping for me as with most costume jewellery I think 'I could make that', but for £2 (from New Look) I doubt I could make this much cheaper so I gave in!
 After not buying anything for myself except craft tools/supplies in the run up to Christmas it felt nice to have a splurge but because I spent so much, I now have to go back to not buying anything again - curses!

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  1. LOL! I love the periodic timetable cupcakes! Gotta do these sometime


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