Friday, 23 December 2011

"Home for the holidays again..."

FINALLY I am ready for Christmas. I have been in bed with some sort of flu hell for a week, followed by a mental week at work marking and trying to finish off Christmas chores, and I have finally, finally finished everything I need to do before Christmas! So here are some Xmas pics!

Advent calendars are nearly all open! (mine is the traditional one without the chocolate!)

Wrapping's all done! And lordy did we make a mess doing it!

Paperchase Christmas Russian doll thingies! Yay! (Bought in this year's Jan sales - bargain)

Mini Xmas tree number one; Poundland's finest

Mini Xmas treet number two; guarding the Wii games!

Actual factual Christmas tree! Yay! I love just switching all off the lights and listening to music by the fairy lights!
I've been annoyingly excited about Christmas pretty much all of December while there have been a lot of humbugs about, but as Morrissey says 'it's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate; it takes strength to be gentle and kind'. It's very easy to be a grump around Christmas because everyone shoves it so far in your face. But I love Christmas and pick and choose the things I like and leave the things I dislike about it. I thought the post about this on Cloe Likes to Talk summed it up quite nicely in that you should create your own magic/traditions at Christmas.

I for one will be having a great time on the 25th. Although me and the bf haven't quite got the 'spending Christmas together' thing sorted yet (mainly due to my lack of compromise as I love Christmas with my family so much!) me and mine will be starting drinking with some Buck's fizz at breakfast and carrying on being loud and telling each other off for ruining Christmas and eating our bodyweight in food all day until we collapse in front of the Dr Who Christmas special at tea time. Bliss. 

I'm aiming to be better at blogging after Christmas and to have a think about what I want to say on here; I tend to be a bit random, so don't update that often. Finding my 'thing' whatever that is would help me to keep up to date with things I think, even if it takes me all year to find it! Other bloggers, when did you find your 'thing'?

In the meantime, this is my last post before Christmas, and I'll leave you with one of my favourite 'alternative' Christmas songs:

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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  1. Thank's SO much for my bloggers secret santa gifts they were all perfect <3 I posted pictures of them here and am following you now :) Love the smiths reference in your last post!


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