Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I would go out tonight but I haven't got a stitch to wear..

I've been banned from buying clothes since October time due to a) Spending an absolute fortune on ASOS Curve and b) Having to perform a forfeit set by the bf because I had yet again bought fruit only for it to rot in the fridge. Obviously to be able to do this I have had to delete, without viewing, every clothes newsletter/email I've been sent so have no idea what clothes are out there at the moment.

Then I read this post from Sarah V at Essbeevee about party dresses and started wistfully wondering what dress I would be buying for the Xmas season if I hadn't let those strawberries turn green. Turns out, I'm not missing out on much. From what I can tell 'big shapeless tunic with shit plastic beads sewn to the neckline' is what plus-sized ladies are supposed to be wearing this party season. Ack. For my Xmas party I went for the best dress I have ever bought (about a year ago from ASOS Curve) which is half see-through leopard print, half slinky pencil skirt and which beat most of the plus-sized offerings which are out there at the moment. But for those of you who eat all your 5 a day (and are able to buy new clothes before Xmas!) here are a few exceptions to the 'larger lady party dress = shapeless mess' rules this season.




1. Teal lace dress from Angel Ribbons at Simple Be £48 I think teal has sold out though now (booo) but the website does tell us that, reassuringly, this 'can be worn as a dress'. Thanks.
2. ASOS CURVE Skater dress in spot lace let down to £31.50. For goodness' sake don't order it in pink though - the pink version looks like someone vomited oestrogen on it.
3. Praslin black feather print dress from Style369 £34 Not terribly dressy but with the right shoes and accessories it would get there I reckon.
4. Ice Blossom red lace insert dress £45 at Style369 or Evans. I really like the Ice Blossom stuff in general and this dress is especially festive!

Will have to buy my Christmas party outfit after Xmas. Hmmm.

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