Thursday, 29 December 2011

Paint a vulgar picture

Well, I made it through Christmas! At least I think so....

I did end Christmas (which for us lasts a full two days) with hideous upset stomach and acid indigestion, and a hangover. But will I learn? I doubt it.

Highlights of Christmas include

 - Present-over-explaining. The winner this year was my sister's boyfriend, insisting on explaining that the way he chose my sister's Main Present was to go to the Cath Kidston website and select the Most Popular item! It wasn't the method of choosing so much as the brutal honesty!

 - Old cracker presents. We risked some sort of bacterial infection by playing with the Musical Whistles from crackers of a good two years ago. We weren't sure if they had been washed, but we'd had a little wine by that point (2pm) so had a very laissez-faire attitude to the whole thing. You are each assigned a numbered whistle, and the tunes are denoted by the Whistle Number; you blow when your number comes up in the sequence. We are total crap at it, which makes it all the more fun!

 - Card judging. Every year, my mum takes part in a card making birthday club on a crafting forum. So, mum has to make and send birthday cards to other crafters taking part throughout the year, and on her birthday (Boxing Day) she gets a pile of homemade cards. Which we judge mercilessly; top three and best of the worst. It sounds really sad, but it's become a Boxing Day tradition!

 - Gifts! I was a very lucky girl this year, as I am every year. I got some great gifts, not from a money point of view, but from being really thoughtful things from the people who know me best. Here are a few examples!

From youngest sis - owl apron & dino cookie cutters

Bag from bf's mum; wasn't sure when I first opened but it's grown on me!

Fab owl necklace from the bf. He found Tatty Devine all by himself!

Just one of the examples of the fantastic stuff mum made me.

Gorgeous vintage necklace from the bf's stepmum.

No, your eyes do not deceive you: essentiall this is Dr Who Barbie.

The sewing basket from my mum (already in use!)

Made from a watch tin and napkin; my mum knows what she's doing!

Lovely vintage style tin from middle sister

Selection of sewing paraphernalia: (clockwise from top): pin cushion, Cath Kidston Little Book of Pins, measuring tape x 2 (one for jewellery making, one for sewing!)

Selection of craft books: Yeah I Made it Myself by Eithne Farry, Sew (Pocket edition) by Cath Kidston, Just for Fun by Various authors.
 A big thank you to my friends and family for some very thoughtful gifts! I got loads more cool stuff, especially from my mum who still insists on doing a stocking for me, even though I turn 30 next year (extra presents; just awful, obviously :-) )

 - Blogger Secret Santa. I took part in two blogger secret santa and have to say I fully enjoyed the whole process! Both the buying and the opening of my gifts was lovely. I found it such a romantic notion sending a surprise present to someone you don't know in a different part of the country.

Firstly I took part in Char's (T-Rexes & Tiaras) Blogger Secret Santa and received a lovely pink purse and vintage-style multi-locket from Cloe (Cloe Likes to Talk).

Thanks Cloe!!

Next I took part in Rani's (Cupcake Couture) Blogger Secret Santa (which had a slightly higher budget) and received this bag of goodies from Tilda at Hello Sweetie:

HAND KNITTED phone case, filled with retro sweeties, adorable red flower hair clips, red snowflake Christmas decoration (put it straight on the tree!), leopard print pill box which contained the brilliant kitty ear ring!
 Thanks Tilda! It was great to receive presents that were so ME from someone who has never met me, and who I've never spoken to!

The whole blogger secret santa experience was great. I know some people have had negative experiences with this sort of thing, but my experience was nothing but good! Not least because one of my recipients, Ingrid, blogged about how much she loved her present too! Yay! I love buying presents!

 - The arrival of the bf. We still spend Christmas apart, mainly because Christmas is so much fun at my mum & dad's house that I've not been willing to compromise. So one of the best bits of the two days is when he arrives on Boxing Day morning. 

Well, if you made it this far, well done. Back soon with sales-shopping posts and probably the requisite philosophical New Year Post. We're staying in, so I should have plenty of time for that one!



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