Sunday, 8 January 2012

Afternoon at the Museum

I have been very sociable this weekend! This is quite rare for me, having only moved to Manchester a few months ago and not really knowing anyone, and living almost in Stockport so not really that near to the city.

I joined City Socialising before I even moved, which is an online socialising site essentially. You have to pay a fee, but then members organise socials which you can book on to and you get to meet new people. I have to say that I have had mixed success - I have been to some events I've really enjoyed, some I haven't and there only one or two people I've met who I would say are 'friends'. As it's the New Year and all that, I decided if I wanted to make new friends I had to put my back into it! So, I went to two events in one weekend and had a really nice time at both. The first was a classic 'bar'-type one where I go and have to try not to get too drunk too quickly because I drink like a fish. The second one was yesterday at Manchester Gallery.

It was really nice to go somewhere like that as when you live in a place you tend not to go to galleries and the like because they are 'always there'. We went to the Under that Cloud exhibition which was conceived when several jewellers at a convention were stuck in Mexico due to the ash cloud last year. They decided to make something positive out of the experience and designed and then made pieces related to that experience.

I have to say that it was very much 'art' and not 'wearable jewellery' which was a little disappointing. There was one piece I loved though:

When Skies Were Silent (brooch) by Andrea Wagner

Most of the other pictures I took in the gallery were absolutely appalling. Worse than my old camera even! I must be still getting used to it, but it's only a point and shoot so I expected to just be able to do that!

There was a poem which I liked, where young people worked with a poet (Tony Curry apparently) to write a poem about injustice, and they then each made a letter each out of various bits and bobs, to create a big collage of the words of the poem:

It says

Memories remain within, 
No spaces in between.
Fearful journeys
4 a substance obscene.
Processed, tagged.
Scabby, stressed.
Mills tease
To scam a sweat so sad.
Dyeing bronzed, ensalved.

Ok so it's not the best poem ever, but I liked the idea of the project as a whole.

And in other news, I finished my first piece of knitting! It was meant to be a scarf but I bought tiny wool so it was taking aaaages. I decided to stop where I was and didn't want to just leave it without finishing it so.....voila!

A cafetiere cosy! The angle is very deliberate as it looks like a bodgy mess at the back, but at least I've finished something! I've got some much chunkier wool and massive needles on their way for scarf knitting.

So it sucked to be back at work but at least the weekend was nice!

Jen x


  1. That site looks interesting. I've come across before but not City Socialising. I'm hopefully moving to Manchester in Easter and will be a billy no mates, so thanks for sharing your findings!

  2. There's always something going on at CS, but it seems you have to work at it a bit more to go from 'acquaintances' to 'friends'. Look me up when you get to Manchester! Jen x


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