Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goals for 2012!

Well, I survived New Year's Eve! Mainly because I didn't go out! Me and the bf stayed in and watched films with our favourite wine and a mini-buffet! I have to say it was awesome. So relaxed, and spending some time alone with the bf after a bit of a hectic festive season was great. And because I forced myself to drink at the same pace as the bf (i.e. not like a fish) I don't have a hang over, though I do still have a nasty cold.

I have to say I do love the clean slate that people give themselves at New Year. Of course there's no reason to suggest that you will procrastinate less, eat less, drink less, or exercise more than in 2011. But it's that fact that people want to to try which makes me a little warm and fuzzy at this time of year.

In the spirit of new beginnings, I treated myself to a Wellbeing journal from Paperchase to try and help me look after myself better in 2012. 

Lordy does that shop know how to make me part with my cash! I am sure you could make something like this yourself and personalise it much more, but what can I say? I am a consumer, and have enough craft projects on the go.

So, there's a section for a food diary; really helpful to own up to what you eat if you want to change it, and I do! I need to stop dealing with stress/unhappiness with food, so this will help.

Another thing to make you feel a bit happier is exercise. I walk to the train station and back about 4 days a week which is about 35 minutes a day, but it's not really enjoyable exercise as I'm either hurrying to catch a train, or hurrying to finally get home. I'm thinking of maybe taking up pilates or something else mind/body-esque, which should be a bit more enjoyable than walking up and down the same road 8 times a week!

Resolutions are one thing, but unless you turn them into specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time limited goals, they are too vague for you to get a handle on. This section has a space for goals each week with a very satisying tick box if you achieve them. Having a big goal seems so much more doable if you can break it down.

So, as well as looking after myself  more, which I'll hopefully do with the help of my shiney new journal, there are also lots of things I would like to do more of:

1. Take more pictures (hopefully helped by a new camera!)

2. Have more free weekends!

3. Make more!


Jen x


  1. This journal looks great! I may have to invest in one! I imagine it was ££ though, typical paperchase! haha. Happy new year! x

  2. oh wow, not seen this diary in Paperchase. I need to get one! good luck with your goals x


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