Sunday, 15 January 2012

January Photo a Day: Week 1

One of my New Year Goals was to take more pictures. I ordered a nice new camera (still can't really use it that well!) and found out about Fatmumslim's January Photo a Day challenge. For every day of the week in January there is a theme for the pictures. I thought I would tweet mine as I went along. Then I realised that strategy was flawed as it didn't require me to use my shiney new camera, and it was hard enough to remember to take them, let alone tweet them! So, I have decided to blog the challenge week-by-week.

Day 1: Me (after a day of cleaning and slobbing about at home - not my best look!)

Day 2: Breakfast (woo breakfast owl!)

Day 3: Something I adore (yep it's the bf; cheesy as all hell I know, but I don't care)

Day 4: Letter box (ours!)

Day 5: Something I wore

Day 6: Makes me smile (card made and sent to me by my mum when I was feeling down)

Day 7: Favourite (best umbrella ever - much needed in Manchester)
So there you have it! Week 1! I think you've probably learnt a little bit more about me!

Jen x


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