Sunday, 15 January 2012

January Photo a Day: Week 2

After managing to catch up in Week 1, I fell by the wayside in Week 2 and had a furious bout of photo-taking this afternoon while it was still light! I think you probably learn a little more about me from these photos than Week 1.

Day 8: Your sky (This was actually taken on the day it was supposed to be and this is the only sky I had seen all day!! The sky of Hyrule!)

Day 9: Daily routine (My desk at work)

Day 10: Childhood (Snowy my childhood bear, wearing a t-shirt proclaiming my name which I wore when I was little. You can't get more childhood-relevant than that!)

Day 11: Where you sleep (our bed, complete with his n' hers Moomin pillow cases)

Day 12: Close up (a close up of the scar on my middle finger from trapping it in the letterbox playing 'Post office' when I was about 7!)

Day 13: My bag (so much stuff! Maybe I will do a proper 'what's in my bag' post soon)

Day 14: Something I'm reading
Right after all that photo taking and blogging (I've written & scheduled one for Tuesday too!) it's time to make Sunday roast with the bf.

Jen x


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