Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tuesday Trinkets #2

This week I've been looking at the combination of two of my favourite things - geekery and jewellery! It was very hard not to make everything on this post from Etsy and they have some fantastic jewellery and cater very well for the geek girls among us, but I've managed to find inspiration from further afield too.

Molecule jewellery (Etsy)

Serotonin necklace by molecularmuse on Etsy, about £60

I absolutely love the work of molecularmuse. She handmakes these fantastic necklaces based on the molecular structure of common substances. They would make great gifts as you can get different types of substance - serotonin for someone who needs a bit of a mood boost, caffiene for the coffee addict, the neurotransmitters associated with creativity for your arty friend. Not only are they geeky as all hell, but they are also really pretty (and there are man-style ones too). The only downside? As you can imagine, amazing handmade jewellery ain't cheap. I haven't really been able to justify buying myself one, so will just keep the shop nestled in my favourites for when I have a spare £60 lying around (plus the £13 postage to the UK - eek!).

Space invader jewellery (ASOS)

ASOS Ditsy Space Robot Necklace, £6
Oops shouldn't have called them space invaders - according to ASOS these are space robots. Ok, ASOS, if you say so! These are at the other end of the scale, price-wise, to the molecule necklaces but obviously not NEARLY as cool. What I like about these is that geek jewellery tends to be not very subtle and big and clumsy, and these are really quite delicate. You can also get the bracelet to go with them. So tempted to stick them in my basket!

Dinosaur jewellery (Tatty Devine)

Dinosaur necklace by Tatty Devine, £114
This one is REALLY naughty because it's over £100 :( I dunno, you might be able to justify it for a big birthday? Or if you were megarich? Or have a megarich friend/partner/family member? I should really just move on, before there are tears.

More dinos (Etsy)

Green tyrannosaurus rex earrings by Sypria on Etsy, £2.66
Oooh under £3, that's more like it! These studs from an explosion of cute from sypria look great on, which I know because I have the very same pair in turquoise! RAWR!

So many pretties....so little time!

Jen x


  1. thjat dinosaur necklace is the necklace of my dreams. i have wanted it for so so long, but have never been able to bring myself to pay that much for it :/

  2. The dinosaur is soooooper cool! I think maybe for a birthday if you asked very nicely with sugar on top.. X

  3. Oh it is fab isn't it? Curses! One day....... X


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