Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday Trinkets #3 OWLS!

Yes, yes I know that owls are sooo passe and that now every one likes owls. So much so that there are many anti-owl people. But it does not change the fact that they are GREAT. Now I could tell you until I am blue in the face that I liked owls before they were super duper popular, but you would not believe me. That's ok. I still like them. And I don't care that now so does everybody else (well, maybe a little bit). For the largest collection of owls I have ever seen head over to The Nearsighted Owl (lovely lady with a lovely blog and excellent hair), but for a pick of some excellent owl jewellery, see the rest of the post!!

1. ASOS Owl Pendant Necklace

A mere £8 from asos.com
I like this as it's not your typical cutesy owl. It looks like it's going 'eeeeeeeeeeaaaagh' (or whatever noise owls make) and is about to bag itself a juicy mouse. If you follow the link to the necklace, ASOS would have you believe you have to have long hair and a big ol' beard to buy this, but I do not have either and I would still buy it! The only issue I can see is the reduction in hanging length caused by boobs.

2. Disaya Midnight Owl Necklace

On offer for £58 from asos.com
This is soo pretty and vintagey looking! It was well over £100 but has now been let down. I still wouldn't pay that for it, but it is purty.

3. Accessorize Feather Owl Long Pendant Necklace

£12 from accessorize.com
Lookit! It has actual feathers! This is really bargainous, though I am sure I would get some funny looks when I was unable to resist stroking my own necklace all day.

4. Tatty Devine Owl Small Pendant Blue

Special price of £15 on tattydevine.com
Tatty Devine have loads of lovely owl necklaces, and this one struck me as being really bright and cheery.

5. Tiny silver owl necklace from Lulubugjewellery on Etsy

$28 (approx £18.77) from Lulu Bug Jewellery on Etsy.com
This is very very cute and hand made! This very talented lady does a range of owl jewellery and I just think this subtle necklace is adorable.

6. Woodland owl vintage brass locket from ValleyGirlDesigns on Etsy

$29 (approx £19.44) from ValleyGirlDesigns on Etsy.com
Lordy, if I wasn't trying to cut back on the Buying of the Pretties, I would buy this in a heart-beat. Traci does a range of owl lockets, and I really couldn't choose which one I liked best, so I suggest you check out all of them.

And of course I have loads of gorgeous owl jewellery that people have gifted to me over the years, my most recent owl acquisition being the pendant I got from the bf at Christmas:

He chose it all by himself!
Hope you enjoyed!

Jen x


  1. I bought this owl neckalce for my friends at Christmas and they loveed it http://gingers.bigcartel.com/product/hoots x

    1. Ooh that is lovely! I like that it looks a bit scary with its especially big eyes! Jen x

  2. Wowee your bf has good taste!


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