Monday, 2 January 2012

Tuesday Trinkets #1

I have a minor obsession with lots of different things but recently my obsession with jewellery has gotten worse as I've started to make it. Every time I see a piece I'm looking at techniques and ways of connecting things that I hadn't thought of before, so I pay much more attention to the jewellery I see and, thankfully, I buy less.

But there is so much lovely stuff out there with small independent companies, Etsy/Folksy sellers etc that I thought I would try and post regularly about the pretties! And 'trinkets' alliterated (is that a word?) with Tuesday!

Here are some picks for this week...

1. Vintage pendant by TallulaVintage at Judy's Affordable Vintage fair for the bargain price of £6. I've not worn this yet as disappointingly I had to fix some proper fastenings to the chain which had sharp bits of half cut off chain links attached to it, and was joined by a massive metal ring rather than having a proper clasp. But I absolutely love the pendant itself.

2. Sleepy owl necklace made by me! I'm hoping to open an Etsy shop at some point this year to have a go at selling some of the things I've been making. Maybe I'll post some more examples if I'm feeling brave and get some feedback.

3. Little Box of Necklace an absolute bargain at $3.99 (approx. £2.64) from fenasd99321 on Etsy. Postage is $5.99 (approx. £3.97) but the item is quite cheap so it doesn 't work out too bad.

What has caught your eye recently? Anyone set up an Etsy shop and have any advice?

Back to work tomorrow. Ack.


Jen x


  1. I could look at etsy jewellery for hours! Even though I have 2 etsy jewellery shops of my own, it doesn't stop me from buying from others, lol. My advice for setting up shop is do as much research as you can, take awesome photos, list new stuff often and get the word out outside of etsy. Good luck!

  2. I've never used Etsy before! All the stuff you've shown is gorgeous, will def be checking it out. I usually go to Accessorize for my jewellery- went a bit crazy in there over the sales... ;)

    Hope work goes well x


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