Friday, 3 February 2012

I think I'm back

January has been, stereotypically, a bit of a hibernatey month for me. I didn't really want to blog, tweet, go out and was buried under a ton of marking. Hopefully, after a very time consuming (I'm a beginner) blog redesign which I'm sure will keep changing, I think I feel like I'm in the blogging zone again.

So what has been happening? Here are just a few things....

I got my hair cut! It was really starting to bug me as the last time I had it cut the woman, as well as being not very friendly at all, failed to thin my thick mop out at all, so it needed some attention. After moving to Manchester I had been trying to find a new hairdresser but I ended up going back to my old hairdressers for this cut on my sister's birthday weekend. I'm pretty pleased!

I drank a lot of posh tea. Whittards do loose leaf fruit tea and it is LOVELY. I even managed to commandeer one of the bf's cafetieres which works really nicely for tea too. I had the apple and elderflower one which I can highly recommend! It is out of stock online but in the shops it is 3 packs for £10 so... actually still not too cheap but totally worth it.

I tried to learn to crochet. Despite being able to knit a scarf, I seem completely unable to crochet. It didn't help that my teacher, my mum, is a natural and was struggling to understand how I was managed to have quite so much trouble. I left my mum's house having vowed to get my own hook and practice practice practice until I could do it. When I saw a lovely 'bamboo' crochet hook for £2.45 delivered I thought 'THAT is the crochet hook for me'. Except that it turned out to be more like balsa wood, had a rubbish hook and made crochet even MORE difficult for me. So I did what any rational, mature adult would do. I snapped it in half and threw it across the room. Even I had to laugh, so took a picture of the dead hook. A new metal one, methinks.

I made some earrings out of buttons! These are so easy to make they barely count as crafting. You use buttons with a plastic loop on the back (as opposed to ones with holes in), snap it off with wire cutters and glue an earring back on. They are SO satisfying to make! I've not really been making much jewellery as I've been finding the colder weather making me tired, and had a busy time at work. Must get back to it! So many ideas (more exciting than gluing earring backs on to buttons!) and so little time!

I got a present from the bf. I've decided that I don't like calling him the bf I don't think, so from now on I think he gets an alias of MrP. We were talking about the 80's Return of the Jedi spin-off cartoon about the Ewoks (me and my sisters were big fans) and a week or so later, there arrives for me an original amination cell from said programme! I was very very impressed! I had experienced a week of solid marking and it was just the thing to cheer me up!

I've been eating Easter chocolate (yes, already!). I'm a sucker for these Malteaster (do you see what they did there?) bunnies which now come in pack of MINI bunnies. Instead of one bigg-ish bunny you get about 5 small ones. And they are individually wrapped for portion control, which I personally just found annoying while I devoured the whole lot in one go!

I've been drinking Disaronno (amaretto). The above glass had SPACE INVADER ice cubes in it. Yes, I am that cool. Unfortunately it goes down rather well neat, which means I'm still always ahead of MrP when it comes to drinking and and am forever backwards and forwards to the kitchen while he sips his one rum and coke.

I've also been charity shop shopping - or 'thrifting' if you're from across the pond. But that's another story......

Jen x


  1. I love the earrings on the far right! And space invader ice cubes are awesome. I've been wanting to get some. Will have to settle for making space invader necklaces, lol xx

    1. I fell in lobve with those buttons and had to make them into something. I've got them in white too, which are just as nice.

      The space invader ice cubes look SO cool when they first come out of the tray, but I can never capture that in photos usually so I was pretty pleased with that pic!

      Jen x

  2. I've got a crochet hook but I'm yet to give it a whirl. It looks so complicated and time consuming compared to knitting.

    Love the hair! I have thick hair too and I know how you want to cling onto a stylist once you've found one who understands how to cut it right x

    1. Thanks! I am pretty pleased with it - yesterday I managed to get it looking ace (if I do say so myself) but then snow happened.

      Apparently crochet is supposed to be easier than knitting, though I'm not sure who decided that?


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