Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A letter....

Dear Blogger, Thanks for allowing me a free and (now I've figured out a bit what I'm doing) personalised corner of the Internet for me to rant and rave and post pictures of cool stuff. However I have got one request. Please don't, as a default setting, email me when I comment on my own blog, or reply to the comments by the lovely people who read my blog. Firstly it gets me all excited when you send me an email saying someone has commented; I immediately stop what I'm doing as soon as I see the mail in my box and it is immensely disappointing that it is just me. Secondly, please do not count my replies to comments as extra comments. It makes me look really sad. Though I realise my last point also has the same effect. Thanks Jen x


I get very excited when people take the time to comment. Thank you!