Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sing me to sleep...

For some reason a three day weekend has made me really tired. This week I've been.........

To see Allo Darlin' at the Deaf Institute: We managed to get a seat and did some SERIOUS chair-dancing to the lovely indie pop on offer. They were supported by Standard Fare, and This Many Boyfriends and were great.

A really rather blurry pic of Allo Darlin'

To Chester for the day: Me and MrP decided to take the day off after going to see Allo Darlin' (can't possibly stay out til 11.30 AND go to work the next day - the horror!) and go for a day trip to Chester. We were aiming to have a mooch and do a little bit of shopping and have some nice food. Unfortunately, though pretty, Chester seems to be rather full of expensive, often designer, shops and as a result I didn't spend a penny on pretties! (which has its good and bad points!). We did go to the lovely Mad Hatter's tea shop but then decided not to stay there for dinner as a visit to Trip Advisor later and we still couldn't find anywhere we wanted to go! It was nice not to be at work though.

Thrifting! I had extreme trolley envy after seeing this adorable bargainous trolley on A Thrifty Mrs and on the way back from a Dr's appt on Thursday I passed the charity shop at the end of my road and this was sitting waiting for a loving home:

The shop was charging a mere £5 for it so I threw my money at the lady before she had chance to change her mind and off it went to be used at the moment as a craft trolley:

Yeah this probably needs some reorganising before it looks pretty AND useful!
I also managed to pick up a few things in the charity shops nearby last weekend:

Cute little vase and Northanger Abbey
These weren't too bad at £2.49 for the book and £1.99 for the vase, but generally the prices prices in the charity shops in the very trendy village near me are getting a bit too steep for me really.

I was also tempted into making a purchase from Three Jelly Moulds and a Wardrobe, the fledgling online vintage business run by Elizabeth from Rosalilium. She has certainly got her direct marketing sorted; Elizabeth tweeted 'I'm off to the post office tomorrow so any orders placed today will go out tomorrow!' which of course tempted me on to her site (not that I need much encouragement!) where a cute little owl spoon made it's way into my basket for £5.

I had my heart set on using it to stir my tea but my sister was horrified at the prospect and said I ought to frame it. Not sure what will become of him but he will be well-loved! Definitely have a look at Three Jelly Moulds and a Wardrobe if you get the chance - there's a really wide range of things and the website is super duper easy to use.

Making peg dollies: My sister helped a lot when I moved to Manchester and I bought us a peg dolly kit to do together as a thank you and, even though we moved in July, we only just got around to doing them!

The blonde one is called Peggy Sue but I couldn't think of a name for mine!
The online instructions recommend sewing the clothes properly but we thought that was too fiddly so just utlilised a shed-load of PVA glue!

Peg Dolly No Name
Winning giveaways! I actually won a giveaway from the lovely Alex from Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks. There's so much stuff in the giveaway; will be blogging about it when it arrives. Yay!

So, it's been a busy old week! How was your week?

Jen x


  1. Great finds! Btw, I have awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award! :) xx

    1. Wow! The Versatile Blogger award?! yay! Thanks so much. Will follow up with the requisite post soon! Jen x

  2. Thank you so much for recommending my shop. And it is so warming to know that the owl spoon is being so well loved. :-)

    1. You're very welcome. It was lovely to be able to treat myself and I love using small businesses with that human touch! :) Jen x

  3. Eeep! Welcome to the tea trolley crew. We're the cool gang.


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