Thursday, 16 February 2012

These things take time....

Seems like I've had no time for blogging, so 'what have I been up to?' I hear you ask. Well, not keeping up with my blog reading for one; my Google Reader has about 4 bagillion unread posts but it hasn't been all work and no play....

Fancy nails!
I've been painting my nails in fancy patterns: I followed the nail tutorial from Kaylah from The Dainty Squid and Elycia from Love Elycia from their joint blog adventure weekend (which you should check out as it was great!). I couldn't believe how well the nails worked (I didn't think mine would come out as well), but MrP maintained that the 'colours weren't really harmonious' and he and someone at craft club commented that the colours reminded them of the French flag (not really what I was going for!) so maybe different colours next time!

My fab Valentine's card from MrP - do you see what he did there?

I had a lovely Valentine's with MrP: We refuse to give any money to the Valentine's industry, and don't want to be pressured into spending loads of money so we don't buy cards or presents. We always make a card for each other and make an effort to spend time with one another. This year's meal was ridiculously cheesy (but damn tasty) enchiladas with some very tasty wine

Om nom nom - fancy version of my favourite wine
I do like a good present swap though, so in contrary to mine and MrP's rules for each other at Valentine's, I also took part in a Blogger Valentine's swap from Amy at Paperbacks and Postcards. I got some crafty goodies and cute picture frame:

My secret Valentine's package; thanks Dani!

I hope my Valentine likes her presents - I made them with my very own hands! MrP couldn't decide whether girl bloggers swapping presents was hilarious or weird. I personally think it's GREAT.

I finished Wuthering Heights: I never had to study this at school so it was completely untainted for me, and I absolutely LOVED it! It really made my commute pass like no time at all and, despite most of the main characters being  really quite unlikeable, it was a great read. I would highly recommend it and am now hunting down every TV/film adaptation to try and relive the experience! I really like the look of last's year's Andrea Arnold version:

Though the whole time I was reading the book I couldn't get this out of my head....

I hosted a craft club: I was getting a little frustrated at trying to meet people at 'meeting people' events where we just got drunk, and no one seemed to really 'make friends' so I decided to take matters into my own hands and start a craft club. The name is very cheesy - 'Crafty Sew and Sews' but I think my sister (who came up with it) was pretty much dead on as it really seems to have caught on! 

Amelia and Reem intent on pom-pomming!
This week we made....pom poms! I remember making these with my mum when I was little, so it was great to have another go as an adult.

My pom pom (Photo stolen from Emma - thanks!)

My sister Emma also came and, because she was a little late due to a glasses/keys emergency, she missed the bit where I explained that you have to use two cardboard circles to make the pom pom. She didn't realise until she had been winding her wool arounnd only one circle for a while so decided to go with it, despite doing it wrong, and ended up with the neatest pom pom of the lot!! I have such pom pom envy:

Em's superior pom pom (Photo stolen from Emma - thanks!)

This weekend I'm hoping to:
What are you getting up to this weekend?

Jen x


  1. everything in this post is amazing!! Love the valentine's card, homemade ones are the best :)
    Your craft club sounds amazing and great nails too.
    I'm off to Manchester this weekend hurrah!

    1. Yay! Glad you liked! We always homemake all of our cards which are great to receive but not so great when you suddenly realise you've not sorted a card out a few days before an occasion!

      Hope you have fun in Manchester! Will you be doing anything in particular?

      Jen x

  2. Great nails. And a craft club, what a cool idea :) This weekend I'll be catching up on sleep and probs watching some x-files with the bf. Hope you have a good one :) xx

    1. Oooh X Files! Proper retro! I was an X Files obsessive when it was on TV. I had the books, the posters, everything. At one point even my Grandma was cutting interviews with David Duchovny out of papers and magazines for me! Jen x

  3. Cute pom poms. Did you know you can buy pom pom makers which hinge open, making wrapping wool round a cinch so it's easy to do really tiny ones ( google Clover Pom pom makers).
    Great valentine card, Mr.P is def an underground artist.
    I'll be catching up on cardmaking this weekend.

    1. A pom pom maker?! Witchcraft! :) I did spot them when I was searching for pom pom tutorials to remind me how to make them, but didn't look into it in detail. I think was being a bit 'oh I want to be old school' but after cutting out enough pom pom templates for 10 people I am totally open to pom pom makers!! Jen x

  4. So many fun things! And the nails look good, besides you can always try different colors. They remind me of colored pencils;)
    And a craft club sounds awesome! I've always wanted to join one too, will look into that again soon. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Mmm coloured pencils...there's something special about a pack full of unused coloured pencils which still smell new. I am enjoying meeting up with other crafty souls immensely - I would highly recommend! Jen x


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