Friday, 10 February 2012

Thrifty McThrifterton

Me and MrP moved to Manchester because he was in Leeds, I was in Newcastle-under-Lyme, and he point blank refused to move to Newcastle. Funny, then, that everytime we go back to see my sister or parents, we get a great haul from the charity shops there! The last time we visited was the weekend of my sister's birthday and we managed to pick up these gems:

This cardigan is actually in my size (a rarity for secondhand stuff) and was only £3.49 from Age Concern. It looks really cute and I think is hand knitted. From the same place I also got this necklace:

These were £2.49 which is not super cheap for a necklace from a charity shop, but I think they are  malachite beads (one way to tell is that despite the shop being quite warm, they felt very cold) so I went for it.

We drink a fair amount of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and I like to drink out of a pretty glass, but I keep smashing my pretty wine glasses! I had a set of 4 etched Laura Ashley glasses; some drunken gesticulating later and we now have one. My sister bought me a pair of pink crackle glazed ones from Pier, but washing up in a rage while in a shared house soon saw to that. I bought some orange tinted bubble glasses from Anthropologie and the kitty knocked mine over. But we have high hopes for these bargains:

A mere 75p each from Cancer Research UK. We're hoping the chunky 70's-ness of these goblets will save us from parting another pair of wine glasses!

Back home and I managed to find some gorgeous candle sticks at the shop at the end of my road for the local Cerebral Palsy charity. If there are things I want to buy in this shop it always seems to be when I'm on my way to work that I see them, and by the time I get home it's shut, and by the weekend the good stuff's gone! So I was really pleased that these waited just for me...

These were £2.49 which isn't a huuge bargain seeing as they would have been part of a dressing table set, and this was all that they had, but I fell for them straight away.

I never seem to find the super duper, super kitsch bargains that I see people blog about but I was pretty pleased with these few bits and bobs.

What have you thrifted lately?

Jen x

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