Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Etsy Naughtiness

Shopping for others is perilous.. when shopping for a mother's day present the other day I bought three things for myself from Etsy at a time when I am supposed to be being frugal due to my pending MASSIVE holiday.

But they were irresistible (ok, after-holiday resolution, to stop buying everything I see - I'm an unstoppable machine!).....

Point and shoot camera strap from Sassy Strap.

Goldfish earrings from Le Petit Bonbon.

Owl fabric from The Ament Shop.

Need to join (/set up?) Etsy Anonymous!

Jen x


  1. Those gold fish bowl earrings are awesome - I love petit bon bon :) xx

    1. I couldn't resist even though it's probably more than I would usually spend on a pair of studs! Jen x

  2. AHH I love the goldfish. Check out Regretsy.com for a good way to wean yourself off Etsy.. but make sure you have plenty of spare time before going on that site ;)

    1. Have not been on there for a while, went on and had to force myself off it! Jen x


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