Sunday, 11 March 2012

Vintage Pillage

My first ever foray into the treasures of the Vintage Village in Stockport. I've gotten very used to going to vintage fairs which have sky high prices because of the boom in interest in vintage and retro stuff. I was pretty much expecting this monthly market to be the same and though there were a few pricey stalls, this was FULL of bargains. Allow me to elaborate....

Lily necklace - 50p // Rhino bead - free // silver disc earrings - £1 // Scissor case necklace - £7
My first stop was a jewellery stall where I fell in love with the scissor-case necklace (which wasn't really a bargain), but then proceeded to find a very nice pair of silver-tone earrrings and a WOODEN RHINO! Which, admittedly I originally excitedly mistook for a dinosaur. The lady threw the rhino in for FREE! It's technically a bead so that bad boy is going to be made into a necklace.

Then I spotted my friend Aarty and my sister (who I'd gone with - Heidi was elsewhere looking at sparkly dresses I think) cooing over these bargainous plates. Of course I spotted a set of 4 and so had to find two more to make it economical. 

The lady who owned the plates stall was a vile temptress intent on parting me from my cash, but she didn't have to try hard to part me with enough for this fabulous honey jar. I am obsessed with owls and bees, so I had to take him home.

Then I had a minor fabric binge. I was especially pleased with the faded Star Wars curtains. When I finally get around to facing my sewing machine, I am hoping to make a skirt out of this!

I was starting to run out of cash at this point (I had taken much less than I thought I had!) but who could resist these for only TEN PENCE?! Finally, I can eat my toast in style!

And last but my no means least.....

Ok so he wasn't 10p, and he is missing his mate, but I couldn't leave without him (I even had to leave to get more money!). He's Japanese and AMAZING! Just sitting here in the living room I keep glancing over and get a warm fuzzy feeling reminding myself that he's mine. 

I may only have spent about £25 of it, but there is NOTHING like spending money on the pretties. Except maybe crack.

Jen x

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  1. Great finds, I really need to get off my arse and get to some fairs and car boots - keep seeing other people's awesome finds. Love the owl :) xx


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