Sunday, 24 June 2012

Wet weekend

Dear Summer,

Where are you? I've done my time being cold/wet/both and would like some time to wear those sandals and maxi dresses I have lurking at the back of my wardrobe. I promise not to moan when it starts raining again in September if you would only appear for two months.

That is all......

Well, it has been a very miserable weekend, but we did have friends to stay so I am feeling very hung over mainly due this:

I really have drunk too much this weekend, and think I need to dial it back a bit. I have loads of crafty things I wanted to do and I can barely make it from one cup of tea to the next without moaning that I 'feel poorly'. Luckily I have an excellent new mug to drink it out of:

Saw this at a vintage fair a few weeks ago and HAD to give him a good home. It makes me feel happier when I'm drinking tea, which I have done a lot of this weekend.

I also had my nails done by someone else for the first time ever!

I am not really the type of person to pay someone to paint my nails, but my friend who was visiting really wanted to get a manicure so I thought while I was waiting I would just get my nails filed and polished. I chose this fantastic blue sparkly number which was great. However the woman who did my nails sliced my finger wide open with a nail file, which was not great:

Sorry this is the blurriest picture ever, but hopefully you get the idea!
She did a reasonable job of the polish, and because I was bleeding for a large portion of my 'beauty treatment' I did get it for free, but I can't see myself paying for someone else to do my nails again. I can still feel the sensation of her slicing my finger open and then filing it, and it doesn't strike me as value for money. My friend also had a bit of an odd experience in that her cuticle started to bleed (apparently standard for what she was having done) and instead of blotting it and waiting until the bleeding had died down, the women painted clear nail varnish over the wound. So it is now looking a bit infected, AND the nail varnish was out of date, as it was very gloopy and the finish was all lumpy. Ace.

On a slightly lighter note, we (MrP & I) started watching Adventure Time this week:

I think Adventure Time has some people in common with Spongebob Squarepants which I love, so it's no surprise that I've really gotten into it. My favourite character being Lumpy Space Princess:

So now I think I'm going to get myself a big glass of orange squash and browse for Lumpy Space Princess toys!

How is/was your weekend?


  1. Wow, that whole manicure thing sounds like fun :S Please tell me the name of that place so that I can never go there, ha ha. :) x

    1. Typical me, I felt bad because the owner of the place was mortified, even though I was the one with an open wound! Jen x

  2. Mmmm, NZ sauv blanc IS rather lovely - the first time I tried it was at the bloggers' meet and now I'm a fan! (I was going to put addict but that would have been wrong)

    Where was this nail bar? Just so, y'know.. I know not to go there.

    1. Well I'm definitely an addict! We have a crate of NZ sauv blanc on the way from NZ from when we were there but it's only 6 bottles! I wonder how long that will last! (Ha, I'll DM you the name of the nail bar!) Jen x

  3. Adventure Time looks awesome!!

    1. It is EVERY bit as awesome as it looks! I think it's one of those aimed-at-kids-with-plenty-for-the-grown-ups cartoons but am still wondering whether it's ok to recommend to a 7 year old I know (on balance probably not!). Jen x

  4. Ouch indeed! That looks quite painful! Your nails look great though! And I am smitten with your new mug<3

    1. Me too! He was handmade in Japan according to the bottom of the mug, which only made me want him more if he's so far from home! Jen x


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