Monday, 2 July 2012

Snail Mailing

After reading Suki's post on her involvement in Correspondence Club (run by Star Crossed Smile), I was reminded how much I love writing and receiving letters. You really cannot beat that little flutter you get when you receive something in the post. The proper, comes-through-your-letter-box type of post. I get pretty excited when I get any type of message/email/tweet, so imagine how excited I get when I get something I can hold in my grubby mitts!

And that's forgetting the other amazing things about letters: stationery! I bought some lovely stuff recently from Paperchase but when I opened it, I realised that the back of all of the writing paper was decorated. Very pretty, but seeing as I use about 8 pieces of A5 writing paper when I write a letter, not very helpful if you can't write on both sides! I've had to send some very fat envelopes before I used that up! I know I could make my own paper with my growing rubber stamp collection but my Etsy addiction got in the way first...

I bought these from Ninainvorm as her shop is so pretty I had to buy something:

Item {here}
Her ceramics are also absolutely gorgeous - I had to stop looking before I spent all of my money!

While looking I came across some other fantastic stationery which is going on my Favourites list for next time:

This Kawaii Breakfast Letter Set from Asking for Trouble

Rabbit Loves Fox Writing Set from An April Idea..

Block Printed Writing Set - Blue Skinny Flower from Bread and Jam (ace shop name!)..

Building Blocks Correspondence Set from Primele..

8 bit Polar Bear Eco Friendly Writing Set from Blackbird and Peacock who do a wide range of geeky 8bit goodness.

Embroidered Rain Cloud Writing Set by Papeleria Pueblo ...

Mmmmm ...... stationary


  1. Oooh lovely stationery finds! I've had my eye on those pretty townscape and bunting collages by Ninainvorm too... time to splash out perhaps?! :)

  2. I love stationery porn... You're making me want to go shopping...


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