Sunday, 23 September 2012

A week in the rain..

 I decided this year that I would aim to start enrollment week at Uni calm, peaceful and relaxed so the week before it all kicked off, we decided to go on holibobs to Somerset, in the South West of England. We stayed in a lovely little cottage belonging to an out-of-the-way farm and above is the view across Somerset from our living room window, over the farmhouse below.

There was lots of making of jewellery, playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the 6th time (me) and Mass Effect 2) (Mr P), reading, doodling and drinking of cider. A particularly nice cider was not the Sheppy's we purchased from the posh on site shop (complete with tea room) but the one we got to take away from a random old bloke in a barn in what looks like a PVA glue container!

We did venture out of the house a few times though (mostly when it rained) to Lyme Regis to fossil hunt (unsuccessfully) on the beach.....

 ...and go somewhere there were definitely fossils and more at  Dinosaurland:

...where I learnt the very well thought out and evidence based reasons the dinosaurs might have become extinct:

MrP also dragged me up the hill to Glastonbury Tor, much to my complaining and huffing and puffing, but we got there! It had great views (which I failed to photograph!) and the structure itself was pretty:

So, a lovely week all told, but I think I'll have a little think before doing the same next year. I was so relaxed on holiday that arriving back to work on Monday with all of the students back was much more traumatic!

Jen x


  1. I love the fact that wars are also a factor - I'm picturing a Diplodocus Don, with a sort of T-Rex/Raptor gang of heavies...

  2. Love the new cartoon you, so sweet. Any holiday would be nice. Also love the final reason for dinossaur extinction.
    Cassie C

    1. Joe did the cartoon - I was pretty pleased with it! The fact that so many seemingly random reasons were list was good enough, but the last one did it for me too! Jen x

  3. Haha, that list of reasons is brilliant!

    It looks like a fantastic holiday. I'm going away at the end of next week and can't wait.

    1. Obviously there are lots of awesome places to go in the world, but there's something reassuring about holidaying in the rainy UK! Hope you have a lovely time, wherever you're going. Jen x

  4. This looks like a great little vacation. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself!

    <3 Melissa

  5. Thanks Melissa - it was really nice. Jen x


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