Thursday, 24 January 2013

Creeping horror at tea time

I love the idea that with two sticks and some wool, you can make cool stuff. Unfortunately the only things I can knit are square; scarves and blanket squares are about it for me. I did knit two scarves for Christmas presents....

...but a tea cosy is beyond me. I was almost put off drinking pots of tea because we couldn't find an appropriate one. MrP is against ones which don't allow the teapot to be used with the cosy on, and I can't buy anything without spending hours on Etsy looking for one that is Just Right. But I found one!

Becca Leathers of Knitnax on Etsy really gets that what everyone needs at tea time is the unnameable terror of elder gods, so I splashed out and got my very own Cthulhu tea cosy:

Isn't he awesome?! We used him for the first time at the weekend and, even after a while messing about creating MrP's character on Fallout New Vegas, the tea was still toasty hot! Success!

Should you not be a massive HP Lovecraft geek like me, Becca also does a range of other types of cosies, novelty and grown-up! Look! An Ood!

All photos from Becca's Etsy site

What keeps your tea warm and tasty?

Jen x

PS I would like to point out that I bought Cthulhu with my own pocket money, so received absolutely no incentive to write about how much I love Becca's stuff!


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