Saturday, 19 January 2013

It's gonna be a dry old ship this month....

Work and the sheer amount of Christmas crafting I set myself made me basically missing from most other things for December and January, so I've missed out on the Christmas/New Year blogging.

I haven't really set myself any New Year goals. I can see all the reasons why the New Year is a great motivator, and all of the reasons why New Year's resolutions fail so was sort of stuck in the middle as to whether I would do the 'resolutions' thing. In the end indecision meant that I didn't, but I have decided to give up alcohol for January.

A very blurry old picture of me, with a massive glass of wine (half empty!)

As those of you who read regularly will know, I have rather a weakness for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and had found myself drinking a good amount of it over an average week, and a ridiculous amount of it over Xmas and New Year. It seemed time for a reset. I usually attempt to give up booze in January, with varying amounts of success, but this year there an an extra incentive - I'm doing it for charadee.

Cancer Research UK are running a 'Dryathlon' campaign this year challenging people to give up booze for the whole of January while raising money for Cancer Research. Whoever thought that one up was a genius! It cemented my feelings about giving up the booze for a bit and meant that not only does it make it much easier to stick to, but that I get to raise money too! Wins all round.

It's actually not been so bad so far. Entering a pub with very cheap Villa Maria wine was a challenge, but I had my Diet Coke. Two pub quizzes were also tricky but I made it through with cups of tea (pubs that sell tea REALLY help!) and blackcurrant-and-soda. And I've over half way there!

My Dryathlon page can be found here if you want to know more, or donate. Wish me luck!

Is anyone else attempting the Dryathlon? Have you given up anything for the New Year?

Jen x

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  1. How did it go?

    I realised the other day that I'd been missing you on twitter glad you've been blogging it's been cool to have a catch up on your posts!


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